Take control of your heart disease risk

Take control of your heart disease risk

See results in 6 weeks or less.

  • Quarterly comprehensive home testing of advanced lipid panel, metabolic fitness, inflammation, liver, kidney, and thyroid biomarkers
  • Personalized action plan based on your unique biology, built by clinical experts
  • Optimize for the lowest effective dose of lipid-lowering medication as needed
  • $99 per month all included

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Lower your risk of heart and metabolic disease

We will track how your body responds to your medication, lifestyle, diet, and supplements to help you feel better today and increase your healthspan.

Lower your risk of heart and metabolic diseaseLower your risk of heart and metabolic disease

Each kit includes 17 tests:

Responsive medication management

Responsive medication management

SiPhox will help you access the right lipid-lowering medications for you if needed.

  • Initiate and manage your statin or ezetemibe to the lowest effective dose using home test results
  • Send your prescription to your local pharmacy
  • Chat with a clinician any time

How it works

Improving your heart health and longevity with SiPhox is convenient, affordable and data-driven

Get a test delivered straight to your door
Activate your test and fill out your health surveys
Send your blood sample to our lab in the prepaid return envelope
Get physician-reviewed results and a heart health risk assessment score
Receive prescription for a statin or ezetimibe if needed, potential follow-up advanced testing, and a live health coaching session
Take quarterly tests in a data-driven approach that includes coaching and personalized advice


Comprehensive test kit

Comprehensive test kit

You will receive our convenient and comprehensive blood test kit once a month during your optimization phase (3 months), and once every three months after that.

A tool for every step of your health journey:

  • Collect your sample in under 10 minutes
  • Care team can walk you through the process by phone/video
  • Easy to understand report with insights in 3-5 days
  • Free delivery to and from our affiliated lab
Holistically empowering you to improve your health

Holistically empowering you to improve your health

A responsive coaching and affiliated clinical team will help make sure your regular testing has direct and fast impact on your healthcare and lifestyle choices.

What is ApoB?

What is ApoB?

Unlike most standard lab tests, SiPhox’s Heart Health test includes ApoB in addition to LDL-C. ApoB is a structural protein on all potentially atherogenic (plaque-forming) particles. [1] Many studies suggest that ApoB may be more useful than LDL-C in assessing risks relating to coronary heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. [2]

What is Lp(a)?

What is Lp(a)?

Lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a), is an underappreciated risk factor for developing heart attacks or strokes early in middle age.

Lp(a) is more common than many people realize: about one in five people (20% of the population) worldwide have high Lp(a) levels, including 63 million people in the US alone.

Why the Heart Health Blueprint?

An extensive analysis of thousands of at-home blood test results revealed a common concern: many of our customers are at risk for heart and metabolic diseases. We decided to tackle the issue head-on with our Blueprint Program.

Check out this unsolicited Trustpilot review from a customer who recently made a life-saving discovery with SiPhox.

Over 20,000 customers and counting

This site changed my life!

This site changed my life. Regular medicine has said my slightly elevated cholesterol was ok for my age and fitness level; boy they were wrong! This test showed bad ApoA&B levels, causing me to get a calcium test and CT angiogram. Long story short, I was developing Coronary Artery Disease with no symptoms, all while running half marathons and looking “normal”. 2 stents later, I’m back running and have all my bookmakers in check. Traditional medicine is not working! This service allows you to take control of your health. It saved my life!

M T,

12. 24. 2023

The SiPhox virtuous cycle

Regular, convenient, affordable testing of your blood biomarkers, integrated with a platform that manages your medications and tracks your health.

The SiPhox virtuous cycle

Who is the SiPhox Heart Health Blueprint for?

If you want better insight into your overall health

Test for the most important heart and safety metrics with one at-home test, including those often missed by traditional testing.

If you want a systems-based approach to health and longevity

See how you are progressing each month, and make sure you are taking the right steps to improve

If you want to make data-driven decisions to guide treatment and lifestyle changes

Start getting testing and insight-driven monthly prescriptions in one convenient platform

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